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Become an ABCD Mentor – Spring Training Starts May 14th!

If you have compassionate listening skills that cause people turn to them for support…
If you believe that speaking with someone who has already experienced breast cancer – as a patient or as a patient’s loved one can help relieve stress or be a source of vital information…

Then, please consider joining us for our May Mentor Training programs.

May 14th & 21st New Mentor Training in West Allis
Our new two-day format begins in the morning through early afternoon and includes free breakfast and lunch.

ABCD New Mentor Training, open to all breast cancer survivors and co-survivors, provides new mentors with the knowledge and skills needed to offer support to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, and their families and friends, in one-to-one customized mentoring matches.

Sessions include:
Updates from a breast cancer physician on what’s new in breast cancer treatment.
Information on how to recognize depression and other common issues confronting those affected by breast cancer – and how to encourage them to seek help.
Guidance on the legal and ethical issues involved with being an ABCD mentor.
Opportunities to learn and practice effective communications skills.
Tips and guidance based on real experience from established ABCD mentors.
Tools on how to take care of yourself during the mentor process.

Anyone who has experienced breast cancer as patient, family or friend is welcome to train as an ABCD mentor.  Previous contact with ABCD is not necessary.

Please note:  generally, being one year from diagnosis is advisable before training as a mentor.  However, if you not yet one year from diagnosis and are interested in being part of ABCD, we encourage you to call us to discuss the situation in more detail. Our next new mentor training will be in fall 2011.
Advance registration is required.

For more information about becoming a mentor, or to register for a training program, please contact us by telephone or email:
(414) 918-9222 • (800) 977-4121 •

Become a Mentor

Mentors are volunteers who have experienced breast cancer as a patient, family or friend - and who believe that everyone should have support when battling breast cancer. Initial and ongoing training is provided. Be part of the power of one-to-one breast cancer support.

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