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ABCD’s Breast Cancer Helpline Provides Personalized Support Information

Got Questions?  Need a Specific Kind of Help or Resource?

Call ABCD’s Personalized Breast Cancer Helpline

Do you have a question about a term the doctor used, or where can you find reliable sources to learn more about breast cancer and not just read any web site at the top of a search engine list?  Maybe you need help talking to your family about breast cancer.

ABCD can help you through the Breast Cancer Helpline – a personalized approach to answering your questions about living with, through and beyond breast cancer.

ABCD is committed to personalized, one-to-one support for patients, families and friends affected by breast cancer.  Call us if you…

  • Need someone to talk to who has experience coping with your kind of breast cancer journey
  • Want to know where to get certain specialty items from comfortable wigs to pressure sleeves
  • Are looking for a support group for breast cancer patients who are just diagnosed or a support group for those coping with long-term treatment issues or a support group for young women
  • Need to learn how to manage financial or insurance issues related to breast cancer
  • Think you would like to explore complementary care resources – from yoga to nutrition services to meditation to group exercise programs
  • Have any breast cancer-related question at all…

Contact ABCD – our Breast Cancer Helpline staff and specially assigned volunteers are ready to answer your questions, identify and connect you to resources, or help find the answers for you.

Our support is always personal.  Always free.    414.977.1780 or 800.977.4121.

Become a Mentor

Mentors are volunteers who have experienced breast cancer as a patient, family or friend - and who believe that everyone should have support when battling breast cancer. Initial and ongoing training is provided. Be part of the power of one-to-one breast cancer support.

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