Outreach & Education

No one should experience breast cancer alone. We know.

MORE: Mentor OutReach and Education

MORE is the umbrella for ABCD’s community outreach and education efforts. Through MORE, ABCD offers sensitive, relevant, free breast cancer support and information. The information provided is more powerful because it is primarily delivered by our volunteers who have experienced breast cancer themselves.

Through experience, we know that information and education about ABCD’s free personalized breast cancer support services can encourage and empower women who might otherwise fear mammography and other breast cancer-related services. Although we focus our direct breast cancer support efforts on “after” breast cancer diagnosis, we understand that true breast cancer support starts with early detection and empowering people with a solid understanding of the disease.

ABCD’s MORE efforts are often accomplished in collaboration with sister breast cancer and community health organizations, as well as employers, faith communities and health professionals. We have collaborative relationships with the Sisters Network-Milwaukee Affiliate and Wisconsin’s Pink Shawl Initiative: Dream the Cure, among others. Culturally-focused efforts are particularly focused on outreach to African American, Hispanic/Latina and American Indian communities.

MORE’s programs are tailored to reach broad communities, with special emphasis on the medically underserved and families and friends of breast cancer patients. Special presentations are also offered for educational settings, including medical, nursing and complementary service classrooms.

Both independently and with partners, ABCD works to assure that the importance of early detection of breast cancer is understood, encouraging breast health self awareness and appropriate screening, diagnostics, treatment and support.

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