Breast Cancer Information – the first step in breast cancer support

No one should experience breast cancer alone. We know.

With a Breast Cancer Diagnosis There’s So Much to Learn

It is said that when someone hears the words, “you have breast cancer,” time stands still. Or, it feels like a truck has hit you. Or, you become a deer in the headlights. No matter what, it can be overwhelming. There is so much to learn, especially at first. Gathering information is often the first step in getting support for a breast cancer journey.

ABCD supports people affected by breast cancer by making information gathering and question answering easier. Today, there are numerous reliable information resources. ABCD is one of them but we also respect the work of sister breast cancer organizations.

On our web site you will find helpful information. You will also find links to other sources of information so you can get the details you want in a way that meets your needs for breast cancer support.

You can also call ABCD’s Breast Cancer Helpline. We are here to provide personalized information and support.