Helping Healthcare Professionals Serve Breast Cancer Patients and their Caregivers

No one should experience breast cancer alone. We know.

Healthcare Professionals and ABCD – a Team Assuring Exceptional Breast Cancer Support

Whether physician, nurse, breast care coordinator, patient navigator, medical social worker or another member of the team, today’s healthcare professionals work together to assure that breast cancer patients have the best possible outcomes. But not all of the ingredients that lead to the best possible outcome involve clinical services. That’s where ABCD can be of help to you as you look out for the needs of your breast cancer patients and their caregivers.

ABCD was founded by a group of women, most of them breast cancer survivors, who realized that having breast cancer is about much more than biopsies, surgery and chemotherapy. Their personal experience taught them that the most valuable information and support came from others in similar life circumstances with similar experiences with the disease. They also learned that support for a breast cancer journey was essential for anyone affected by breast cancer not only for them, but for their loved ones, too. (Learn more About Us.)

This experience has been coupled with input and counsel from healthcare and other professionals to develop our personalized breast cancer support services: Breast Cancer Helpline, Resource List for patients and caregivers, and One-to-One mentoring (informational and emotional support from trained volunteers who have already “been there,” who have already personally experienced breast cancer and are matched with your patient based on similar medical and demographic profiles).

All services are free.

Patients will tell you how important ABCD’s support is.




Personalized Information and One-to-One Support for Every Breast Cancer Patient, Every Caregiver

ABCD works to build a world where every breast cancer patient will know about and have access to our free, reliable and accessible breast cancer support services.

We hope you will share information about ABCD’s services with every breast cancer patient you have. Some will show open need for these services, while others may simply keep this information for later use. Still others may express interest in training as an ABCD volunteer mentor, recognizing that helping others can them to heal.

Patients (and family and friends) can get ABCD’s services in two ways:

If your patients want ABCD’s services or simply want more information, complete ABCD’s Consent Form and forward it to ABCD. We will contact the patient directly as instructed on the form.

ABCD’s breast cancer support services are no substitute for clinical support services – but they are an essential complement and are key to diminishing the stress, anxiety and fear that can accompany a diagnosis of breast cancer for both patient and loved ones – all of which contribute to treatment compliance and a healing journey through breast cancer. All services are free and confidential.