Get Free Personalized Breast Cancer Support

No one should experience breast cancer alone. We know.

Dealing with Breast Cancer? Get PERSONALIZED INFORMATION AND Support.

ABCD was founded by a group of women who realized that having breast cancer is about much more than biopsies, surgery and chemotherapy. While science searches for a cure, ABCD complements the work of healthcare providers by serving as a reliable, accessible and highly personalized resource for breast cancer support.

We offer our signature breast cancer support service – One-to-One mentoring by trained volunteers who have already personally experienced breast cancer. We also offer a Breast Cancer Helpline and Resource List, and breast cancer outreach and education through MORE. All services are free.

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer? Get One-to-One Support.

Most of ABCD’s founders are breast cancer survivors themselves who discovered that the most valuable support came from others in similar life circumstances with similar experiences with the disease. But not everyone diagnosed with breast cancer knows where to find that kind of personalized support. That’s where ABCD comes in.

ABCD provides One-to-One breast cancer support through its mentors — trained volunteers who are matched with people diagnosed with breast cancer. Matches are made on the basis of demographic and clinical information supplied by mentors and those we support – our participants. A mentor keeps in touch throughout the treatment process, providing information on local and national resources, and perhaps most important, breast cancer support from someone who’s “been there.” If you want to get a mentor or want to learn more, just contact us.

Support for Caregivers – Family & Friends

Patients are not the only people who need support during a breast cancer journey. A patient’s caregivers – family and friends – must remember to get support for themselves as they care for the loved one with breast cancer. In fact, our founders understood that if a breast cancer patient’s family and friends had support, by extension that support helps the patient. That’s why all of ABCD’s personalized information and one-to-one breast cancer support services are available to caregivers – family and friends. To learn more click here.