Caregivers – ABCD Provides Support for Family & Friends Too

No one should experience breast cancer alone. We know.

Does someone you love have breast cancer? Get support for yourself; get help being supportive.

ABCD’s founders understood that “being there” for a loved one with breast cancer can require its own special support. In fact, when caregivers are supported, the person with breast cancer is, too. That’s why all of ABCD’s free services are available to families and friends of breast cancer patients. Whether you need a Family & Friend mentor, have a question for the Breast Cancer Helpline or need information from our Resource List, ABCD provides responsive support to all those affected by breast cancer.

Get One-to-One Support from a Family & Friends Mentor.

Just as we believe breast cancer patients get the most valuable support from others who have already had a breast cancer diagnosis, breast cancer patient caregivers need support from others in similar life circumstances, too.

ABCD provides to patients’ caregivers One-to-One breast cancer support through its Family & Friends mentors — trained volunteers who are matched with people whose loved ones have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Husbands and partners are matched with husbands and partners, best buddies to best buddies, and so on. Matches are as close as possible based upon personal experiences. A mentor keeps in touch throughout the breast cancer journey, providing information on local and national resources, and perhaps most important, breast cancer support from someone who’s “been there.” If you want to get a Family & Friends mentor or want to learn more just Contact Us.

Breast Cancer Helpline & Resources

Perhaps the help you need relates to a specific question or you simply need direction regarding how to learn more about breast cancer. ABCD can provide that support to caregivers, as well as breast cancer patients. Simply contact us at the Breast Cancer Helpline or review our Resource List. If you do not find the information you need, please Contact Us. We are happy to work with you personally to help you find the support you seek. Just as with breast cancer patients, all support services for Family & Friends are absolutely free.