Get Breast Cancer Support – Get a Mentor

No one should experience breast cancer alone. We know.

What is an ABCD Mentor?

ABCD mentors are trained volunteers who have experienced breast cancer personally. They understand that the most valuable information and breast cancer support comes from someone who has “been there.” Their support for those with breast cancer is personalized: it is provided by someone with a similar demographic and clinical background, at a convenient time, through one-to-one telephone conversations. The focus is on providing breast cancer support and information based on their personal breast cancer journeys and ABCD training. Caregivers – family and friends of breast cancer patients can get a mentor, too. Their mentors are family and friends of breast cancer survivors.

How to get a Mentor.

If you need information or support dealing with breast cancer, simply contact ABCD. Or if you prefer, ask your health care provider to confirm your consent in writing by sending ABCD a Consent Form. Via facsimile or email is just fine.

When we speak with you, we will ask you about your breast cancer diagnosis and life circumstances; for example, whether you are a parent or working full-time or juggling health challenges in addition to breast cancer. We will also ask what type of breast cancer support would specifically help you at the time of your call. Then we will quickly match you with a mentor from among the hundreds who have completed our breast cancer support training program. We will introduce you by telephone and let you and your mentor get to know each other. We will also send you our breast cancer support kit, a handy resource to help you navigate your journey. While most matches end within six months, your mentor is available to you for as long as she is needed – whether that is two phone calls or two years. And, if needed as your journey develops, ABCD will provide additional or new mentors.

The Confidence of Confidentiality

You can be confident that our breast cancer support services are strictly confidential. We emphasize ethical and confidential requirements as part of our mentor training and continuing education and explain our policy when you call.

ABCD does not provide clinical or other professional services.