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Don’t experience breast cancer alone.

The Breast Cancer Helpline and ABCD Resource List Provide Breast Cancer Support

Whether you want to talk to someone or want a handy reference list, ABCD provides breast cancer support that combines the knowledge of the breast cancer community with the wisdom of experience shared by our mentors and participants.

Got questions? Call ABCD’s Breast Cancer Helpline.

If you have a question – about a term the doctor used or where can you find reliable sources to learn more about breast cancer – we can help you through the Breast Cancer Helpline. From answers to frequently asked questions and suggestions regarding books and articles to tips from survivors and participants about where to get wigs, pressure sleeves and other issues – these are types of breast cancer support and information available from the Breast Cancer Helpline. Trained staff and specially assigned volunteers are ready to answer your questions – or help find the answers for you.

Sometimes the first line of breast cancer support is simply gathering reliable information quickly. Contact Us. Let us help.

Need a Resource in Addition to ABCD’s Breast Cancer Support Services? Consult our Resource List.

Maybe you want to read about breast cancer directly from a variety of sources. You can find that with ABCD’s Resource List. Maybe you want to know about local services, like where to get a comfortable wig or a sensitive yoga instructor. Consult the Resource List, which contains handy information about a variety of national and local resources. Local resources are not simply re-prints from the telephone directory. Instead, these resources reflect feedback regarding services our volunteers have used themselves. If you are looking for a resource not on the list, or want to recommend one to include, please call the Breast Cancer Helpline. Together, we can get your breast cancer question answered.

All breast cancer support services are free.