One-to-One Support for People Affected by Breast Cancer

No one should experience breast cancer alone. We know.

Imagine the impact you can make. Become a mentor.

Mentors are volunteers who have experienced breast cancer and who have completed ABCD’s training program. Each mentor must complete 12 hours of training, which ABCD offers several times a year. Mentors are trained in groups of approximately 10 to 20 by professionals in the fields of medicine, law, psychotherapy and communication. They also meet and learn from experienced mentors. Continuing education classes are offered too.

ABCD’s mentoring service is not a breast cancer support group or an on-line chat room. Instead, mentors are matched One-to-One with people experiencing breast cancer now and put in touch with them via telephone. To assure all services are free, phone cards are provided when necessary.

Mentor matches are personalized based on medical and demographic information provided by both mentors and participants. This way mentors provide support to people in situations similar to their own breast cancer experience. The support of a mentor does not replace medical/professional or any other support, but instead provides the priceless support of someone who has “been there.”

Most mentors are breast cancer survivors supporting those in treatment or those still dealing with breast cancer’s impact. But family and friends of those touched by breast cancer can train to be mentors, too. They will be matched with family and friends of current breast cancer patients.

Are you interested in having a powerful impact on someone affected by breast cancer. Read more about how to become a mentor. Or Contact Us.