How ABCD Helped Me

“My diagnosis was made on Dec. 3, 2003.  As all women, I was in a state of shock! I had heard of Melodie Wilson and what she was going through with her own experience of this dreadful disease. I called ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis) and explained the changed life I was going to be experiencing. After some  questions, I was told someone would call me back. I was immediately put in contact with a Mentor that was to be my guardian angel forever!

After my one year of treatment, I decided, I too, wanted to help other women taking this journey; no one should go through this alone. I contacted ABCD and started my training and have been a Mentor going on ten years now! I was the only Spanish speaker at the time I became a Mentor, and I am so honored to have helped so many others. I’m in remission and have been a survivor all thanks to my association with ABCD and the wonderful new friends in my life!”

Emma Muniz