Mentor Appreciation Event

November 29th the Lobby Salon at the InterContinental was filled with ABCD Mentors, staff and board members as we celebrated the ABCD family of Mentors.  These are the volunteers who compassionately give their time and willingly share their personal breast cancer experience with those who have heard the four frightening words – you have breast cancer.

Through the years they have helped thousands of women during one of the most challenging and difficult times in their lives.  They have listened, cared, guided, comforted, shed tears as well as shared laughter with those they have mentored.

Our Mentors have been, and continue to be, that person who truly hears and understands those dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis. Someone they can be honest and open with about their fears.  Someone they can reach out to with the many questions they have.  ABCD Mentors give strength at a time when it would be so very easy to crumble.

 So, on November 29th we raised a glass of champagne in a room filled with women and men who are committed to ABCD’s mission and said, “thank you for making a difference; thank you for helping us continue to make our founder’s vision a reality.”