Nothing Stops a Sista on a Mission

Last Saturday, ABCD and 600+ walkers participated in the 2018 Sista Strut event in Milwaukee. Muddy conditions didn’t put a damper on this incredibly inspiring celebration, recognizing Sista’s who are breast cancer survivors and honoring the memory of those who are gone.

Sista Strut, an annual event, raises awareness about breast cancer and early detection primarily among women of color.

As a signature sponsor, ABCD paid tribute to several women who have made a difference in our community when it comes to breast cancer. This esteemed group included ABCD board members Ms. Bonnie Anderson and Dr. Sandra Underwood! Thank you to ABCD Mentors June Winters and Deanna Savage for helping at the event and spreading the word about ABCD’s services.

ABCD gives a big shout out to v100.7 and Bailey Coleman for setting the stage for a fabulous event!

Click here to listen to Bailey Coleman’s Podcast Interview with ABCD