Nurturing Hope & Restoring Confidence through the Power or One-to-One

Serving as the Executive Director of ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis is a personal and professional privilege.

Every day, I am surrounded by people who inspire me. Breast cancer patients, survivors, thrivers, and their families and friends. Physicians and clinicians. Advocates, community visionaries, donors, and leaders. Media professionals, advertisers, and corporate partners. Dedicated staff, board members, and volunteer Mentors.

They inspire me to work harder, think bigger, and try new strategies, so that more people are aware of the free, non-clinical support services that ABCD has been providing for almost 20 years. In addition to sharing information and short-term support, our signature service of match-mentoring creates personalized matches between a Mentor (breast cancer survivor or co-survivor) and a Participant (patients, family and friends) based on a person’s priorities and stage in life as well as their specific diagnosis and treatment plan.

I think about the people we have been able to help:

  • The woman who was about to begin treatment crying hysterically in the middle of the grocery store wanting to know she was “normal”
  • The young man who wanted to be able to help his wife who had just been diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer while mourning the sudden loss of her father
  • The woman who during the last six months had lost her mother, son, sister and brother, and was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer reaching out for someone to understand

I also think about family, friends, and colleagues who have just been diagnosed, are currently going through chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, are living with breast cancer, are supporting someone they love through a diagnosis; and those we have lost to this disease.

We have all been touched in some way by breast cancer. That’s why I am committed to ABCD, so that anyone who is impacted by a diagnosis – now or in the future – has access to reliable and compassionate support at any time during their breast cancer journey from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. Support that can’t be found anywhere else.