About ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis - Breast Cancer Support


Our Fundamental Beliefs

The work of ABCD is all teamwork. All of the services ABCD provides that reflect our mission and our efforts in the overall cancer support community are possible only because of the generosity of others: donors, sponsors, volunteers.

Mission & Vision – ABCD nurtures hope and restores confidence in anyone impacted by breast cancer through free, customized information and one-to-one emotional support for patients, families and friends. Our vision is that all people affected by a breast cancer diagnosis know about and have access to our free services.

What We Do Founded and grounded in Milwaukee, ABCD provides emotional support to anyone impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis. Working as a complement to the medical team, ABCD’s signature service, Mentor Matching Program, connects people seeking help with someone who has gone through a similar experience (Mentor). These highly customized matches pair people with the same diagnosis and treatment plan who also have common interests, personal traits and family dynamics. Support services are free and delivered at time of diagnosis, during treatment and into survivorship.

Why We Do It  Decades of research indicate that patients and survivors who take advantage of non-clinical, emotional support like ABCD services are more
likely to finish treatment, have improved “survival” rates, show a reduced risk of recurrence, and report experiencing less distress, healthier
social relationships, and an improved quality of life.

Who Contacts ABCD? 

  • A mother of a newborn requested a Mentor who could relate to balancing a demanding job and family as well as Stage 2 Breast Cancer
  • A Spanish-speaking woman needed help from our bilingual match specialist to create a list of questions in English to give to her surgeon before she underwent a double mastectomy.
  • Parents called for advice on how to support their 42-year-old daughter diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer.
  • A husband wanted to be matched with a spouse who supported their wife through chemotherapy and radiation.

We believe…

  • People affected by breast cancer – patients, family and friends – benefit from personalized, reliable informational and emotional support as a complement to appropriate medical care.
  • One-to-one support provided by people who have first-hand experience with similar breast cancer diagnosis, treatment history and similar life circumstances is a fundamental element of personalized support.
  • One-to-one support, which we call mentoring, is essential to building a life after diagnosis, leading to a more confident, empowered survivor. The best mentors are well trained and professionally supported.
  • It is important to respect the individual choices of those who turn to us for support. Confidentiality is critical to building trust.
  • Being responsive to the survivorship needs of mentors is a vital part of our work.
  • ABCD will take a leadership role in promoting the value of one-to-one support and establishing it as a standard element of care for all breast cancer patients.
  • ABCD is a credible resource for up-to-date information about breast cancer and a reliable conduit to other personalized support services.
  • Regardless of ethnic background, gender, religion, or sexual orientation or identification, everyone diagnosed with breast cancer, and their family and friends, has a right to ABCD’s help without cost.