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Since 1999, ABCD has been committed to a distinctive and genuinely personal response to the needs of people affected by breast cancer – patients, families and friends.

We offer a seamless menu of one-to-one peer support services through a nationwide corps of trained and professionally supported volunteer mentors. ABCD mentors have been in Your Shoes® as patients and loved ones.

Request a Match Mentor by calling 1.800.977.4121 or emailing

Match Mentors – ABCD’s signature service: One-to-One Mentoring

• Breast Cancer patients, their families and friends are custom matched with professionally trained and supported breast cancer survivors and co-survivors.

• Mentor matches are personalized based on similar diagnoses, treatment plans, and life circumstances and values.

• Match Mentors are available any time – from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

• All Match Mentor services are FREE.

Support Center

• Emotional support from breast cancer survivors.

• Reliable information about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and more.

• Referrals to resources and services ABCD trusts.

• Opportunity to be connected with a Match Mentor.

Call 1.800.977.4121 or email

Family & Friends Mentors

• Being there for a loved one with breast cancer requires its own special support.

• Caregivers benefit from support from others in similar life circumstances.

• All support services for Family & Friends are FREE.

Find support by contacting 1.800.977.4121