In October 2017, Keith Mardak, Chairman and CEO of the Hal Leonard Corporation, offered ABCD a four-year, $2 million challenge grant to launch the Mardak 2020 Breast Cancer Initiative, a comprehensive outreach program to increase awareness about ABCD’s free, personalized, non-clinical support for anyone affected by a breast cancer diagnosis.

Matched in part with ABCD’s own fundraising, this grant is the largest single gift in the organization’s history.  To ensure receipt of the full match, ABCD must raise an additional $250,000 year after year.  Every dollar raised counts!

With increased funds, ABCD’s goal is to double the number of people served each year by:

  • Deepening and expanding relationships with healthcare facilities
  • Investing in marketing and outreach initiatives
  • Strengthening programs for underserved populations

As we move toward our 20th anniversary, our vision is that every woman and man affected by breast cancer knows about ABCD and has access to our free services, starting in Southeastern Wisconsin and building to the national level.

Chairman & CEO of the Hal Leonard Corporation
Keith Mardak

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