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Our Stories

Enid Okokon

“Having breast cancer makes you realize how in just one day, your life can change. Everything, in just one day.”

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Mary Illgen

“My doctor’s office was terrific. They gave me a packet of information about services for breast cancer patients, but they specifically brought ABCD to my attention.”

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Emma Muniz

“Before I called ABCD, I was ready to give up. I don’t think I’d be here today if I hadn’t called.”

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Betty Ross

“I’m strong. I help others. I worked with veterans for years, but when it came to the big ‘C,’ I couldn’t say everything on my mind to my family.”

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Angela Edwards

“Journeying together from fear to reassurance, from helplessness to empowerment.”

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Solange Lamarre

“When I first reached out to her, Solange decided she wasn’t ready to talk just yet, but I sent her notes. She had to trust I would be there when she was ready.”

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Rosie Davis

“It helped so much because Mary walked in these same shoes.”

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Dixie Yeck

“What ABCD gave me is as important— if not more important—than the medicine I got.”

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Audrey Warner

“Nothing is more powerful than ABCD’s one-to-one support mentoring. I want to train as a mentor soon.”

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Helene Parker

“ABCD listened to my needs as a whole person and matched me with someone who understood completely.”

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Annette Hopgood

“My mentor taught me so much, especially that talking and listening has real healing power; it takes the burden off.”

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Gertie Payne

“Hearing that Camellia was a 10-year survivor gave me encouragement and inspiration.”

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In the words of our Healthcare Allies:

Leslie Waltke, PT, DPT

“ABCD took wing in fulfilling a patient-centered need: one-to-one trained peer mentoring for persons newly diagnosed breast cancer, way before the words “patient-centered care entered the health lexicon.”

Anna Purdy, NP & Alonzo P. Walker, MD

“As health professionals, we are familiar with all the whys, whens and hows of treatments for breast cancer; however, we can’t begin to explain what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that diagnosis or treatment and how it impacts women and their families.”

Kathleen Mortl, RN, CPSN, Healthcare Ally

“I can hold her hand and walk with her on this journey, but her ABCD Mentor has walked in her shoes – that is priceless.”

Judy Tjoe, MD

“I believe in ABCD because it provides equal access to its support network, regardless of a person’s gender, socioeconomic position or ethnic background.”

Join the Conversation

Please join our Metastatic Mentors and Program Participants to discuss topics of interest for living with metastatic breast cancer. Our monthly Mets Meet-up Call is facilitated by a clinical psychologist who is a breast cancer survivor. Bring your questions and concerns, and share your news. To find out more and register for a call, contact Micki Huston, Mentor Services Manager, programdept@abcdmentor.org.

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