Family and Friends Mentors, Caregivers need support too.

Family & Friends Mentor

Jack went from anxious husband of a breast cancer patient to a Mentor for men whose loved one has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Jack joins a growing team of men and other loved ones of breast cancer survivors who are dedicated to assuring everyone affected by breast cancer gets personalized one-to-one support.

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In the words of Family and Friends:

Shirley Horton

“As caregivers we need to know what we can do to help our loved ones and make sure they are comfortable and to help them enjoy their time with us.”

Eric Buhler

“Because of my personal experience in dealing with breast cancer with both my grandmother and my mother, I realized how difficult it was to experience as a teen and wanted to help others in my same situation.”

Jack Congleton

“I just knew we were in this together, for the long haul.”

Susie Drummond

“I was able to support her more like a sister-in-law rather than a Mentor, but my training also afforded me the opportunity to guide and encourage her.”