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Match Mentor

There’s Nothing Like a Match Mentor

What I find rewarding about being an ABCD Mentor is helping other women overcome the fear and the unknown of going through their breast cancer journey. Helping them to be a survivor, finding joy through the storm, therefore rising above it!

Most questions asked by my Participants are things I have already experienced. The majority of healthcare professionals have not had the experience of dealing with breast cancer themselves. Because of my training as an ABCD Mentor and my personal breast cancer experience – I can be encouraging, helpful and hopeful.

Being able to help someone take control of their fears and their concerns makes me proud to be an ABCD Mentor.

— Chris Eisner – ABCD Mentor

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Mentors’ Perspectives

Jane Hathaway & Solange Lamarre

“When I first reach out to her, she decided she wasn’t ready to talk just yet, so I sent her notes. She needed to trust I would be there when she was ready.”

Katie Roosa & Angela Brunner

Angela describes Katie as “sunshine”, while Katie uses the word “marvelous” to describe Angela.

Annette Hopgood & Vernette Crum

“A woman with breast cancer needs to know that she is not alone so she knows the real deal when it comes to getting through it all.”

Cynthia Hooker & Claudia Henley

“Our initial ‘introduction’ phone call lasted over two hours.”

Denise Barchus

“On the other side of cancer, you stop and question your life. Volunteering for ABCD is a lifelong commitment for me.”